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How to make a Tapestry!!
Most square bead graphs can be made into Tapestries.
If you have ordered a "Tapestry Bead Graph, Instructions & Kit" you DO NOT need to order these instructions.

The Instructions:
The Pattern is a 8 page, step-by-step instruction booklet. These instructions will show you how to make a beaded Tapestry using my Alternative Square Stitch. These instructions are intended for bead graphs that have a Square stitch or Loom layout. You can use this pattern with #11 Czech, Japanese not Delicas seed beads.

How to make a Tapestry from a Bead Graph!!
So, these instructions show you how to take a Bead Graph like this

and make it into a bag like this.

If you need a fringe graph for the bottom, you can find a template on this page.
The Bead Graphs that you order from us include the Fringe Graph also.

The Instructions Download:
Print size is 6 Pages.
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