Butterfly Pocket Blue

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  Beaded Butterfly Pocket Kits!
Everything needed to make the Pocket,
except for scissors and something to sew it onto.

It's about learning the stitch, but it makes a really cool little square that you can sew on a blouse for a pocket. Several other things could be made from it too. Completed the pocket is 3 and 3/4 inch wide by 3 and 1/4 inches tall

You can download the pattern free 
click here!

Butterfly Pocket Kit Only  BEADS ONLY!
1243 Silver Lined Light Lilac
893 Opaque Black
49 Bone Lined Amber
237 Silver Lined Dark Capri
221 Silver Lined Capri
77 Silver Lined Mint
1 needle, 1 thread card
You can download the pattern free click here!


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Karla Staring
5 of 5 Stars
More of these butterflies!! Beautiful! Karla,NM ...And the Horses's Mane Necklace
emily harter
5 of 5 Stars
Thank you for reading my mind....I have been searching everywhere for butterfly patterns and suddenly I now have the perfect one. Being netted means it can be used in many different ways......Again many thanks.