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The information on this page is for what to do and what not to do on most web sites with patterns. This is mostly my opinion based on what I have learned from other sites and designers and their opinions.
These are Basic, Polite things to do!
Most sites would rather you not copy from their site and email copied information to your friends.
We would all rather you copy the address that is in the title bar:
Example, this pages address would be:
Copy that address into an email and send that to a friend.
Then all your friend has to do is click on that link to see what you were looking at.

The bead sites are happier, and you don't have to worry if the picture is going to make to your friend.

I get asked so often if you can sell something that you've made from one of my designs.
I don't know how much to emphasize that you
Always need to Ask the Artist/Designer!
Every Artist has his or her own opinion on this, and they have that right as they designed it.
I get asked so often that I have a copy and paste for my emails!
I will give you some of the most of the times examples, that are good to know before you go asking.
If you are planning on selling a couple of items to a friend or family member, most designers are okay with this.
If you are planning on selling at a local craft fair, most designers are okay with this and want you to state on a card or something that the item is a design by (whom every).
If you are planning on selling on the internet, most designers are
NOT okay with this, but some will make exceptions if you add a link back to them or state the item is a design by (whom every).

A just so you know info, If you get a pattern from a designer, and alter it slightly by changing the color or size, it is still considered their design, and copyrights still apply.
Don't ever sell it without asking the designer! basic courtesies should apply!

Copyright information from

Unique Beaded Jewelry and Beaded Patterns copyrights and regulations.

All patterns, graphics, designs, instructions, images and finished products are copyrighted by the Designer. You do not have permission to print extra copies or email to share with friends, family or to distribute in anyway.

We here at Beaded Patterns, feel that it is more fun if you can sell your finished products, but we want to be fair to everyone that wants to sell them. If you want to sell finished products to friends or family, this is okay with us. If you want to sell them at your local arts and craft shows, this is also okay with us. If you want to sell them to a bead store, coffee shop or some other small local store, you need to attach something that states that it was made by you and designed by

Many people want to sell the items on the internet, So we have set up some rules to follow to keep it fair all around.

Rule number 1. You may not mass produce beaded items made from our designs.
Rule number 2. You may not sell it on the internet without credit to or Dragon for the original design.
Rule number 3. You may not copy pictures from either of our sites or to sell your items, you have to take pictures of your actual finished product.
Rule number 4. You may not sell it on the internet for less than we sell it if we are selling the same or similar finished product.

This is really to keep it fair for everyone as most people that buy finished beadwork do not buy Patterns and vice-versa. We also get asked very often what should the finished birds sell for. We sell them for $45.00 but I have seen them for sale and sell for upwards of $100.00, especially if they are garnished with extra things on the necklace or the tips of the tails.

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