What comes in a Kit?

What comes in a kit:
Kits are all the beads, components, needles and thread needed to make that piece of beadwork.
99% of the time the kits are made with the same beads that the original piece was made with.

I bead with Czech and Japanese Beads so that is with is in the kits.
There are no instructions with a kit JUST BEADING STUFF.
If you want instructions you want a pattern.

Example 1
Beaded Cat Suncatcher Ring Kit
This kit would include the beads indicated.
In separate little bags as shown. Beads that have a count less than 30 may be mix together in a small bag. In this kit the Green, Lime and Blush are mixed in one bag.
This kit would also include a 5" ring, 2 needles and a bobbin of thread.
Example 2

Some kits, like bracelets and earrings come with a thread card and a needles. You will find the needle under the thread, taped to the card. 
You can pull the needle out from under the thread when you start your project.
Example 3

Some kits come with 2 needles taped on the back of a business card and a bobbin of thread.
A very few of the patterns require 2 needles. We include the extra needle to most of the patterns, as they can bend, break or just become too hard to thread.

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