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Tips for Beginners

I get asked so often which are the best kits for beginners!
Most of my patterns are written so that a beginner can understand them.
I have written on the top of each of my pattern pages which one I do and don't recommend for beginners. The ones that are mark "Some beading skills recommended" can be done by beginners, I just don't recommend it. I think it is much better to have at least one successful seed bead project, (other than a straight necklace) before you try and tackle a more difficult project.

Sometimes you just want a sloppy knot at the end of your thread so that your beads won't slide off. This knot is usually cut off later. This is how to tie a sloppy knot!
Beading and stitching insturctions for Beginners!

When you first pull the thread off the bobbin, or thread card, it can sometime be curly or have kinks in it.  So if you stretch the thread before you thread the needle, it will take out some of the curls and kinks. Making the thread much easier to deal with.
Beading and stitching insturctions for Beginners!

Sometimes you make a mistake and add the wrong bead! We all do it sometimes!  You think that maybe you can go back through those few beads and get the mistake out! Don't do it! It's much better to just take the thread off your needle, take the beads off, rethread you needle and add the right beads back on.

It's Free to print the printable pages!
Please! Do not copy and paste them!
Copyright by Charity Enterprises Inc.!
These pages are just here to help out! The instructions show you how to do different types of stitches.

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