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Beginner Stuff

Beginner Beading Patterns!
Sometimes it is hard to decide where to start! What's easy to bead and what's fun to make.
There are two different kinds of beading patterns I would call beginner patterns.
Bead patterns that are super simple and take very little time to make.
Beading Patterns that are easy, but time consuming.

Super easy Beading Patterns!
These Patterns can usually be made in one evening.
Sometimes I can make 2 or 3 of these in and evening.

Any of the beaded earring patterns on this page that say Loop or Fringe after them are super easy to make.  Beaded Earring patterns.

The Beaded cloth amulet bags are also a favorite. They are easy to bead and a lot of my bead addicts call them a quick fix. They are so much fun to make, quick and beautiful when done. Beaded Cloth Amulet Bags.

Beaded Bracelet patterns in general are pretty easy to make. Most all of the bead patterns on this page can be done by a beginner, the Celtic and Elegant bracelets are a little more challenging but not beyond the abilities of a beginner beader. Beaded Bracelet Patterns.

Easy to Follow Instructions!
These Patterns can usually be made in two evening.
Sometimes a little longer if you have never beaded before.

The 3d bead patterns are surprisingly easy to make. Customers are often surprised that they have made a 3d beaded bird and it was simple. The directions for all of the 3d patterns are very step by step. Bead 3D.

The Beaded Fringe Necklaces are a little more time consuming, but easy to make. The wonderful surprise about these beaded necklaces is how well the picture can be seen when worn. Beading Fringe Necklaces.

Beading on glass! now that may sound hard, but if it's a straight glass it's pretty easy. If you get a kit for these, you do have to find your own glass! But they are easy and make great gifts. Beading on Glass.

Easy to Bead, but time consuming!
If you don't mind spending a couple of hours a night for a week or two,
these are great patterns. The patterns are not hard to bead, I bead them at night,
while watching/listening to the TV. They are great fun and people love them!

Beaded Bags are a very popular thing for beaders to make. They have wonderful pictures and functional. The small they are, the easier they are.  Beaded Bags.

The Beaded Zipper bags are easy to make too! The Zipper was a challenge but that was the hardest part. The rest was EASY! These will fit a Blackberry Cell Phone and a little money and cards. Beaded Zipper Bags.

What's it really like?
If you want a little more directions before you start,
you may want to check out these pages.

This page is full of bead stitching information for all beaders. I don't use all of the bead stitches that are on this page, but it's all good bead stitching information. Stitching Information.

This page in particular is the bead stitch that I use in most of my 3d bead patterns, beaded bag patterns, and beading on glass patterns.  It's and easy and quick beading stitch. My Square Stitch.

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