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Tying Knots

Tying a Knot?
This is just my way of tying a knots.!!!
The most common question I get is "how to tie a knot".!!!

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Beading instructions for how to tie a knot or tying knots.
Okay, tying a knot. You can do this anywhere it says "Go back through 2 (color) just added. I prefer to do it in the area that I have shaded. That way the black tread doesn't show up as much.
Red is existing thread, and Blue is new thread.
(pic 1) Instead of going back through 2 just added. Put a new thread through the beads that you would normally "go back through".
(this picture depicts where you would do it from (pic 99) in the hummingbird booklet.)
(pic 2) I prefer to use a square knot, as it is less likely to come apart. The point of a square knot is to tie it in opposing directions. So the first cross over is red over blue, and pull it snug to the beads.
(pic 3) The next cross over is blue over red. Pull that thread snug too. Sometimes you have to pull on all three threads at once to get it nice and tight.
Okay, now you have your new thread on and are ready to continue beading. "But what do I do with that extra thread where I tied the knot?" you may ask. Well a lot of people differ on this. Some say "Cut it short and leave it." I like to cut mine short and burn it off with my lighter. You do have to be careful when doing this, as it is easy to burn off your new thread. So you do what you think is best.

Printable Pages, PDF

Printable Pages, PDF

Printable Pages, PDF

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