3d Beaded Lady Bug

3d Beaded Lady Bug

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Suitable for Beginners!
3d beaded Lady Bug Necklace  3D Beaded Ladybug
Pattern and Kit!

You can now make your own 3-D Beaded Ladybug!
The Pattern is a 13 page, full color, step-by-step instruction booklet
When finished, the beaded Ladybug is about 1 and 1/2 inches tall and 1 and 1/2 inches wide.
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I use a variation of a square stitch. This Ladybug pattern is done in this style. The stitch I use is quicker and softer than Peyote or Brick stitch. The difference is that with Peyote and Brick stitch the beads are added one at a time and stacked like bricks, as the stitch implies. With my square stitch the beads are added four at a time and are stacked like loom work, one directly on top of the other. The square stitch I use is different and is also called an off loom stitch.
Pattern and Kit!
Beading pattern for the 3d Beaded Lady Bug Beading kit for the 3d Beaded Lady Bug The kit includes:
(approx. amount of seed beads)
#11 Czech seed beads
 216 Silver Lined Red
1170 Opaque Black

2 #12 beading needles
1 Bobbin of #D Black Nymo thread.

Beading pattern for the 3d Beaded Lady Bug 3D Beaded Ladybug
Pattern Only!
We Print and Ship!

Beading kit for the 3d Beaded Lady Bug 3D Beaded Ladybug
Kit Only!
BEADS, needle and thread ONLY!
If you want instructions you want to purchase a PATTERN.

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Picture of 3D Ladybug E-Pattern
Print size is 8 Pages
3D Beaded Ladybug
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